Help Homeless Young Women By Donating Your Car

The Teen Project provide young women (18-24 years old) homeless after foster care and at risk homeless youth with room and board, college support, paid job internships, savings program, automobile obtainment program and independent living education. All of The Teen Project’s homes are beautiful. We believe where and how a kid lives reflects on how they feel about themselves. Each of our young women have their own room in a beautilful neighborhood and live-in house mom provides for a real family environment.

Donate your car to this worthy charity with over 100 homeless young women for full tax credit – almost April 15th!!!

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Why To Sell Your Car for Wrecking?

Let’s face it – old vehicles are hard to sell nowadays. Aside from the fact that they are not popular, don’t have the latest technology and optimal fuel consumption, they are simply meant to be replaced by the newer models. So, no matter how much you love your 10-year old (or older) vehicle, the time for its replacement will come.

But what can you do to make the most out of it?
The answer is simple – choose car wrecking. Wondering why?
Well first of all, the price of your vehicle has significantly dropped down, making it a bargain for everyone interested in buying it. However, assuming that there are more vehicles of its kind, the actual value it provides is in its parts. And this is where the car wrecking option comes to consideration.

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The Mazda MX-5 RF: Sold Out in Just Days!

Just days ago, Mazda announced it was taking orders on its all-new 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF Launch Edition, with production limited to 1,000 units this year.  After the first 500 MX-5s were made available for pre-order to loyal Mazda owners, the remaining units were offered up to the general public. Demand for the sporty convertible was strong and immediate, so much so that all had been snatched up within 13 hours of being made available. 

Mazda noted that two out of three buyers (67%) opted for the manual transmission in their MX-5 RF. The company also announced that all 1,000 buyers of the car will receive an exclusive Tourneau luxury watch as an added gift. 

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Maritime Blue Porsche 968 Club Sport Is A Performance Bargain Heading To Auction

Generally speaking, the Porsche 968, also known as the last iteration of the 924 family of front-engined four-cylinder models, is not as loved as the other two-door model the company builds.

Porsche is known for making really, really good sports cars. When they feel like building something spicier, magic happens and yet another hugely exciting car heads out of their factory. So when you come across a smurf-blue 968 Club Sport, you know that this thing is going to be a really enjoyable steer. Continue reading “Maritime Blue Porsche 968 Club Sport Is A Performance Bargain Heading To Auction”