Time to cure that addiction; to oil

The idea that electric cars are the future is a bit of a farce. They are, in fact, the now.

In a movie that hit theatres just this past weekend in NYC and LA producers explore the ways in which we are truly addicted to and reliant on fuel as well as alternative methods to said addiction.

Pump: The Movie is all about the now and, of course, touches on companies like Tesla and how they are changing the face of transportation and fuel consumption.

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WEKFEST New Jersey 2014: Official Coverage

WEKFEST NJ COVER 1110x737 WEKFEST New Jersey 2014: Official Coverage

Supremacy saturated the New Jersey Expo Center at this year’s Wekfest New Jersey. What could be expected was indeed delivered—a huge room full of exquisite taste. Wekfest never fails to feature the East Coast’s highest caliber builds in order to provide to all perceptions of style. Last year’s show set the bar pretty high for the upcoming years, but the elites of the east were up for the challenge and executed beautifully.

Wekfest judges decided to use a different point system this year and as a result everyone was really anxious to learn their decisions. Take a look at what this year’s Wekfest and the East Coast elites had to offer.

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NEVS Unveils Its First Electric Saab 9-3

In spite of its ongoing financial struggles, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs) managed to find a way to launch its prototype all-electric Saab 9-3 last week. Saab aficionados should immediately recognize its origins, as this new all-electric is a modified version of the 9-3 Aero Sedan.

Nevs has positioned the lithium-ion batteries below the passenger floor to preserve interior space for both passengers and luggage, which also helps lower the centre of gravity and provide an ideal 50/50 front/rear weight distribution for improved handling.

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Matt Farah Discovers Pointlessness of Dodge’s New 707HP Challenger Hellcat in the Wet

Challenger Hellcat DRIVE 0 Matt Farah Discovers Pointlessness of Dodge’s New 707HP Challenger Hellcat in the Wet
Yes, the Dodge Challenger is a mean looking muscle-sports car that will always get you noticed, and yes, giving it 707 horsepower and calling it something evil-sounding like Hellcat will double its cool factor instantly. Still, you’ll to battle with physics.

Even with the latest advances in tire tech, suspension and traction control systems, it’s easily slower than a well sorted hot hatch around a track, if said track is soaking wet. Matt Farah drove one around the Portland Raceway on a horribly rainy day, and in his own words, in those conditions “it’s pretty worthless.” Read More

2015 Scion FR-S Preview

Pros: The Scion FR-S, like its clone the Subaru BRZ, is the product of a partnership between Toyota and Subaru. Steady on the road with sharp steering, this great looking two-seater is remarkably easy to handle. Indeed, the car really shines on the track, with enveloping seats and an extremely sensitive suspension. However, the suspension is unforgiving when riding on bad roads, which is the standard in Quebec…

Cons: At first glance, the interior is a little disappointing. The dashboard is very bare and hard plastic makes up most the finishing. With its extreme behaviour, the sports might be tiresome to drive day-to-day. While the engine’s torque shortage translates into sluggish acceleration, the car also lacks overall comfort.

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2015 Nissan Rogue Starts at $23,650

2015 nissan rogue 0008 thumb 530xauto 36268 2015 Nissan Rogue Starts at $23,650

Nissan has announced the pricing for the 2015 Nissan Rogue, which starts at $ 23,650. The Rogue was all-new for 2014, so in its second model year, it’s just getting a few small updates.

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Auto-Venus.com: An auto website for women, by women

Driven by an all-female team, Auto-Venus.com looks at the auto industry from a different perspective and focuses on people, family, and the joys of driving.

Visit Auto-Venus.com and discover its various sections. Our writers regularly publish industry news, blogs, as well as car reviews. So far this year, they’ve spent time behind the wheel of the 2014 Nissan Rogue SV, Range Rover Sport HSE, BMW 435i xDrive, Honda Accord, and Chevrolet Impala. Read all their stories and more in the Reviews section, where they detail the highs and lows of each vehicle to make your car-buying decision easier.

At least once a month, in the Girl Talk section, Josée Paquet and Miranda Lightstone share their opinions on a number of hot topics including the Move Over law, modern driving aids, status symbols on the road, and choosing between a minivan, an SUV and a car.

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